On the Party in My Plants Podcast, I love to answer your health-related questions!

(And no question is dumb - so get that outa your head right now.)
If anything about

- healthy eating
- some area of healthy living
- me
- you (or a "friend's") personal situation

has been causing you stress or confusion, now's your time ask away!
ready to ask away!
If I read your question on the show, do you want me to keep you anonymous? *

BTW - even if you choose 'YES' I'm still going to ask for your name and email so I can contact you privately!
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LIKE: If you're asking "what do I do with matcha?" - are you asking because you're constantly low on energy? Are you curious because you see that it's at your local coffee shop and you wanna know more? Are you wondering if it's safe to drink while you're breastfeeding? What's your specific situation as it relates to your question? 
Would you be open to coming on the show to discuss your question/situation with me? *

Think of it like a mini coaching session that everyone can eavesdrop on so they get benefit, too! 
(No pressure at all.
I'm excited to read your question and potentially feature it on my show. 

Thanks for listening to the Party in My Plants Podcast!
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